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Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Country: United-States



1. The Revenant King
2. Dungeon Master
3. Mammoth Rider
4. Blood Sacrifice
5. Iron Brotherhood
6. Necropolis (Manilla Road Cover)
7. Vengeance
8. Creature Of Desire
9. From The Arcane Mists Of Prophecy

Jamison Palmer - Guitars (ex-Destructinator, ex-Savage Sword)
Leeland Campana - Guitars (ex-Destructinator, ex-Savage Sword)
Jake Rogers - Vocals (Gallowbraid, ex-Folkodia, ex-Winterlore, ex-Savage Sword)
Matt Brotherton - Bass (Huldra)
Mikey T. - Drums (ex-Killbot)


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