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Genre: Southern/Groove Metal
Country: Sweden/USA


01. The Devil’s Own 04:37
02. Scars And Bars 03:55
03. Blood Sweat And Beer 04:29
04. Pray For Death 04:19
05. Stone Garden 06:41
06. Spit On Your Grave 05:21
07. 72 02:50
08. Peel Off The Skin 05:15
09. Hang Me High 04:28

Playtime: 00:41:59


Southern groove metal band Methane have announced release dates for their debut album on
Sony/Dark Star records. February 17th the album will be available for pre-sale on CD format
as well as streaming online. May 5th has been set for the CD to be officially released to
stores worldwide. The awaited album will include new recordings of older songs as well as
new songs. Methane also released the cover art for the album created by Christian Wallin
a Swedish artist who has done work for bands like Hardcore Superstar and Sister Sin.

Tim Scott - Bass and Vocals
Jimi Masterbo - Lead Guitar
Dylan Campbell - Guitar, backing Vocals
Andreas Strom – Drums

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