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Country: Brazil
Genre: Power, Progressive Metal


01 Light of Transcendence
02 Travelers of Time
03 Black Widow’s Web
04 Insania
05 The Bottom of My Soul
06 War Horns
07 Caveman
08 Magic Mirror
09 Always More
10 ØMNI - Silence Inside
11 ØMNI - Infinite Nothing



Angra: Revealed name of new album and announced international tour
Rafael Bittencourt has published a video where he comments on the new album on the official fanpage of ANGRA .
Following is the press release sent by the band.
Top Link Music proudly announces "ANGRA OMNI Tour 2018". 
The new Angra international tour brings the whole concept of the new OMNI album, which was produced by Jens Bogren in Sweden. 
The tour begins in March 2018 with 26 dates in Europe, including several countries and will feature Geoff Tate's Operation Mindcrime as a special guest and bands Halcyon Way (all dates), Avelion (22.03> 31.03), Starbynary ( and Ravenscry (06.04> 18.04) as support bands.

After more than a year of reclusive material, inspiring and hard work, the band Angra , formed in 1991, celebrates its 26th anniversary with the next release of OMNI, which promises to be one of the band's most amazing albums.

The band Angra is formed by Fabio Lione (vocals), Rafael Bittencourt (guitar), Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), Felipe Andreoli (bass) and Bruno Valverde (drums).

Undisputed heavy metal legend Geoff Tate claims to have one of the best moments of his career. The singer will perform songs that have inspired a whole generation of fans and musicians over the years of his acclaimed Queensryche band as well as solo work.

All details about Angra's new studio album will be announced soon on their social networks.

Band Members
Rafael Bittencourt
Kiko Loureiro
Felipe Andreoli
Fabio Lione
Bruno Valverde
Marcelo Barbosa

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sakis: Sorry for any inconvenience this may caused ....
Guest_2342: You are rocking my world !
Jack: so happy I found this, great station 10/10
Tobias Riper: Whats going on with site?
Tobias Riper: So sloooooow
sakis: Looks like the song DataBase is having issues. We are working on this.
sakis: Once more, MySQL for Windows suck eggs. Linux rules. We moved the DataBase from Winblows to Linux and everything works like a charm :D
Guest_3799: Amazing radio ! I love it !!!
Tobias Riper: Karaoke? Seriously?)))))
Guest_5943: What karaoke ?
Guest_7234: Rock on !
Kostas Theodosopoulo: Geia sou kompare mou!Idrosa alla ta katafera.To tragoudaki den prolava na to akouso opote an mporeis the to A visit from The Dead apo to Conspiracy
Kostas Theodosopoulo: kompare san shmera kykloforhse to A Pleasant shade of grey.Vale kati apo kei an einai.
Guest_6140: Waiting for live DJ's to begin their shows !
sakis: Soon mate! Already we are doing test broadcasts during weekends. Will update the Shows section when the time comes.
Guest_3471: Give us more Melodic Power Metal :P
Guest_3096: This radio f@ckin rocks \m/
sakis: Greetings to Brazil. Keep it metal my friends \m/
Ben: ?????
Guest_6733: Nice radio :D
Guest_5587: Awesomeeeeee mate (κυριε καστορα)
sakis: Thanks mate ;)
Guest_2417: Very good work. I love this radio!
sakis: (!) Dear listeners, we are sorry to announce that we have an internet issue with our ISP and will be resolved in a couple of days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. (!)
sakis: (!) Issue resolved! Everything is back to normal !
Guest_6533: Cheers buddy and I was worried that I've lost the streaming of your radio!
Thankfully everything is just fine :D
sakis: (!) Update: Login now secured with SSL certificate for maximum security (!)
Guest_6925: Greetings from Germany :D
sakis: (!) NEW: bands can send us your bandcamp or soundcloud albums so visitors can stream and listen online through our website (!)
Guest_5298: My favourite radio. Keep up the good work guys. Thank you for rocking the internet.
Guest_5665: cool radio
Guest_3227: Nice work guys !
Guest_6299: State of the art radio. Awesome.
Guest_1377: My damn favourite radio !
Guest_5915: Metal up our ass !
Guest_3571: Fuckin awesome radio

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