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Country: Germany
Genre: Power Metal


01. Conquer the Throne
02. Race to the Sky
03. Destroyers of the Earth
04. The Chosen One
05. Lionheart
06. The Crimson Throne
07. Into the Fire
08. A Kingdom Divine
09. Endgame
10. Possessed by Fire
11. Wild Eyes



The German quintet Circle Of Silence return with ‘The Crimson Throne’, their first release since 2013’s ‘The Rise Of Resistance’

Right from the off this album simply grabs you by the throat, the mission is plain and simple, to conquer all before it. Track three, ‘Destroyers Of The Earth’ is pretty much the benchmark of the album as a whole, a blistering delivery of Thrash edged Power Metal that is quite impossible not to become totally addicted to. Indeed, all the tracks could easily become classics of the genre as the band churn out some of the catchiest riffs and melodies that you will find anywhere, fronted by the exceptional vocal of Nick Keim, ably backed by the twin guitar assault of Christian Sommerfeld and Tobias Pfahl, who in turn are carried along by the engine room provided by Björn Boehm (Bass) and Peter Suppinger (Drums), this is a bunch of guys truly on top of their game

Clocking in at just over the 42 minute mark, the album certainly offers a sustained assault on the ears, each track as crushing as the next. An excellent production sound only serves to lift the album up a notch as well, sounding amazingly sleek and professional throughout

Yet again, the German Metal scene has produced another gem, if you like your music hard hitting and relentless, then this should be top of your wanted list. The saying “All Killer, No Filler” was never more apt when used to describe this album, an absolute triumph.

Band Members ;

Nick Keim – Vocals

Christian Sommerfeld – Guitar

Tobias Pfahl – Guitar

Björn Boehm – Bass

Peter Suppinger – Drums

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