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Promo Hour Of the Day  :  Monday to Friday at 20:00 GMT
Playing the best of underground music thanks to our sponsor !

Metal Covers Deluxe  :  Daily at 03:00 GMT
We love covers, you love covers, everybody loves covers

Thrash Attack  :  Daily at 09:00 GMT
A blast from the past. Best Thrash bands from the 80's and 90's

The Headbanging Moose Show : Thursdays at 20:00 GMT
Reprise on Saturdays at 19:00 GMT

Live Album of the Week : Sundays at 19:00 GMT
A full live album for your listening pleasure

Agoge Records Promos : Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 15:00 GMT
AGOGE RECORDS is an independent label, booking and press agency.

Melodic Death Metal: Daily at 00:00 GMT
The best of Growl Vocal bands gathered in one show.

Inverse Records Promos: Monday to Friday at 22:00 GMT
Secret Entertainment is a company that works withing the music industry and is based in Finland.

Viking Metal Songs: Daily at 06:00 GMT
Valhalla is waiting for you !

Hardcore, Metalcore, Deathcore, Post-Hardcore: Daily at 17:00 GMT
Scream with me !

... more to come. Stay tuned !