Elvenking – Secrets of the Magick Grimoire (Limited Edition) (2017)

Country: Italy
Genre: Melodic Power, Folk Metal


01. Invoking the Woodland Spirit
02. Draugen’s Maelstrom
03. The One We Shall Follow
04. The Horned Ghost and the Sorcerer
05. A Grain of Truth
06. The Wolves Will Be Howling Your Name
07. 3 Ways to Magick
08. Straight Inside Your Winter
09. The Voynich Manuscript
10. Summon the Dawn Light
11. At the Court of the Wild Hunt
12. A Cloak of Dusk
13. Petalstorm (Bonus Track)
14. The Open Breach (Bonus Track)
15. Jigsaw Puzzle (2010 Version)



Band Members
Damna (vocals),
Aydan (guitar),
Rafahel (guitar),
Jakob (bass),
Lethien (violin),
Symohn (drums)

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