Come and meet “Down South”


Down South was formed in 2002 and in 2003 they released the EP “No Ordinary Men”,
which quickly was met with great success by fans and critics alike in the United States.

The EP also resulted quite quickly in a potential tour of the US, after heavy rotation on
various radio stations.

Down South had with a unique sound, catchy songs, elegance and a large portion of
positive energy, managed to convince the American audience, that here was a rock band
that could sell tickets.

On the home front, Down South had already convinced the domestic rock audience, with
their uncompromising live performances and in-your-face attitude, that could ignite the hall
and invite to an evocative party.

Unfortunately, this musical adventure should not last for Søren, Jakob, Carsten and
Thomas, as all 4 were involved in other music related constellations. Down South
therefore disbanded in 2004.

Lead singer Søren Madsen was already frontman in the popular ZZ Top Jam, which
already at that time, toured extensively both at home and abroad.
The years passed, and Down South was shelved in Søren’s mental library – but the
creativity and songs still made a lot of noise.

Therefore, Søren decided to resend the songs out from Down South in other countries –
who had not yet heard the EP from 2003. Where the lyrics take a real dive into the
personal explorations, for better or worse. With inspiration from life’s ups and downs,
combined with both hard and massive riffs added an energetic raw vocal.
In 2020, creativity gained new life. And Søren has assembled a new constellation that is
still unnamed.

The new constellation counts experienced names such as Anders Kjølholm, formerly
Volbeat, on bass.
Søren Stubban-Hansen guitar and Palle Kølln on drums.
The expectations are to be able to present a once hard-hitting rock realism in 2021 – wherefurious guitar riffs, heavy bass and an energetic vocal will characterize their sound.

But so far, you have to “settle” with the EP from Down South.

1. Ordinary Man
2. Woman
3. Black Gold
4. Soft Lips Hot Hips

Press contact, Søren Madsen tel. +45 2092 4565

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