Masterplan – PumpKings (2017)

Country: Germany
Genre: Power Metal


01. The Chance 
02. Someone’s Crying 
03. Mankind 
04. Step out of Hell 
05. Mr. Ego 
06. Still We Go 
07. Escalation 666 
08. The Time of the Oath 
09. Music 
10. The Dark Ride 
11. Take Me Home 


Band Members
Roland Grapow – Guitars
Rick Altzi – Vocals
Axel Mackenrott – Keyboards
Jari Kainulainen – Bass 
Kevin Kott – Drums

Masterplan are back with a new CD of re-recorded Helloween classics, featuring songs that
the band’s founder, chief songwriter and guitarist, Roland Grapow, performed on during his time
with Helloween.

Entitled PumpKings, the album consists of songs originally featured on the Halloween albums
Pink Bubbles Go Ape (1991), Chameleon (1993), Master Of The Rings (1994),
The Time Of The Oath (1996) and The Dark Ride (2000).
PumpKings will be released on July 28th via AFM Records.

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