Masters Of Metal – From Worlds Beyond (2015)

Genre: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Country: United-States



01. Supremacy
02. World Left In Cinders
03. Third Eye
04. Tomb Of Ra
05. Eclipse
06. The Mindless
07. M.K. Ultra
08. Into The Vortex
09. Doors Beyond Our Galaxy
10. Evolution Of Being
11. Vengeance & Might (feat. James Rivera)

Robert Cardenas – Bass (Coffin Texts, Malice, Possessed, Agent Steel, Engrave, ex-Entety, ex-Saprophagous)
Rigo Amezcua – Drums (Agent Steel, ex-Tactics, ex-Terror)
Bernie Versailles – Guitars, Vocals (Redemption, Agent Steel, ex-Engine, ex-The Militants)
Juan Garcia – Guitars (Killing Machine, Obscene Gesture, Abattoir, Agent Steel, ex-Evildead, ex-Terror, Body Count)

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