Rotting Christ – Their Greatest Spells: 30 Years of Rotting Christ (2 CD digipak) (2018)

Country: Greece
Genre: Melodic Black Metal


CD 01:
01. The Sign of Prime Creation
02. Athanati Este
03. Non Serviam
04. King of a Stellar War
05. Nemecic
06. Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
07. Art of Sin
08. Dying
09. Archon
10. Serve in Heaven
11. Astral Embodiment
12. After Dark I Feel
13. Sorrowfull Farewell
14. In Yumen-Xibalba
15. Elthe Kyrie
16. Cold Colours

CD 02:
01. The Sign of Evil Existence
02. Fgmenth, Thy Gift
03. Ze Nigmar
04. Phobo’s Synagogue
05. Demonon Vrosis
06. Pir Threontai
07. Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy
08. Among Two Storms
09. Semigod
10. Welcome to Hel
11. A Dynasty from the Ice
12. Shadows Follow
13. Forest of N’gai
14. Feast of the Grand Whore
15. Exiled Archangels
16. Saturn Unlock Avey’s Son
17. I Will Not Serve



Greek black metallers ROTTING CHRIST have been breaking down boundaries for the past 30 years. They have helped shape the genre with a huge back catalogue and outstanding live shows. It’s no wonder that they want to celebrate their growth as a band, exploring their experiments and some of their finest moments in their career. Their Greatest Spells looks over everything ROTTING CHRIST have grown to be and why they’re a staple in the black metal scene.

Compilation greatest hits albums can sometimes be tedious. Their Greatest Spells is the complete opposite. Each track has been carefully hand-picked, showcasing their earlier talents leaning towards grindcore and their evolution into the black metal sound. You’re not just listening to their best songs, you’re listening to ROTTING CHRIST’s journey and how they have created such a fine-tuned sound.

King of a Stellar War, Dying, In Yumen / Xibalba, Fgmenth thy Gift, are just a few of the 33 tracks compiled by front man Sakis Tolis. Imaginable, over a 3-decade extensive career the choices made must have been difficult and a lengthy task at hand. Not everyone can be pleased with track choices on greatest hit albums, but thanks to Tolis that will hopefully be a minority.

To celebrate the career of ROTTING CHRISTTheir Greatest Spells features a special, previously unreleased track titled I Will Not Serve.  The track sits as a stunning connection between the bands past and present musical ventures. It is consistent to the sound of what we have grown accustomed to, but with so many exciting twists and turns. A worthy track to sit among the greats.

Over two hours of music pours out of Their Greatest Spells and yet, the craving for ROTTING CHRIST still lingers. This is from just how perfect the tracks have been picked to be displayed as their best, you want more. This album is a brilliant introduction for new listeners of the band to get themselves acquainted, and for long-term fans who want to sit and listen to the journey that made this band well-respected and pioneers of their sound.

Band Members
Sakis Tolis: Guitar/Vocals
George Emmanuel-Guitars
Van Ace-Bass
Themis Tolis: Drums

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