The Devils Music – The Devils Music (2016)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Extreme / Groove Metal


01. From Beyond (05:39) 
02. Can You Hear Me (04:51) 
03. Break Through (04:18) 
04. Phoenix (06:04) 
05. The Smile That Hurts (04:38) 
06. The Strange and Dark (04:36) 
07. This Is the End (05:13) 
08. Dvoid of Light (03:34) 
09. Cthulu (04:40) 
10. Hate (05:07)

The Brand New Project from ex Devilment (Featuring Dani Filth) founder DANIEL J FINCH 

The Devils Music is a collection songs originally written for the 2nd Devilment Album. Daniel J Finch has written around 27 songs for that album , but left the band in late 2014. The songs remade untouched. Until in Late 2015 Daniel rediscovered the songs and went about finishing the album. 

Recorded at his Holocaust Studios in Suffolk by producer by D-Rock. The Ten track albums brings the Epic Groove metal that daniel is famous for. 

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released September 1, 2016 

Produced by Finch/ Jensen & Fennell. 
Recorded @ Seventh Wave Studios, Suffolk 
Mixed and Mastered by Jordan Fennell @ Scorpio Studios, Suffolk 
Daniel Finch – Guitar & Keyboards 
Paul Jensen – Bass Guitar 
D-Rock – Drums 
All music written by Finch 
Arrangements by Finch/Jensen 

Artwork by Tara Mcphee 
Concept by Finch 
Photos by Patrick Thurston 

© Coffee Jingle Records 2016 
(P) Bomber Music 2016 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the making of this record. 
Special Thanks to all my friends and family for their support. 
This album is dedicated to all those who believed in me… 

Endorsements & Gear : EVH 5150s, ESP Guitars, BC Rich Guitars, EMG Pick Ups. Apple Logic, Toontrack Software, Dunlop Picks, D’addario Strings.

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