the obsidian resurrection (Final, Shadow) Raster Flat White

Obsidian formed in early 2000 in Modesto, California, with Deimitri Reyes (SIX MILLION DEAD) on vocals and rhythm guitar, Danny Stevenson (ex-IMPERIUM, ex-LUNAR) on keyboards and synths, Josh Jones (ex-NORDIC FROST, ex-ZOMBIE DEATH STENCH) on bass, Mike Maxwell (ex-DESCEND) on lead guitarist, and Justin Driskill on main vocal duty.

Shortly thereafter, having parted ways with Mike and Justin, Deimitri stepped up to be the bands’ new primary vocalist. With material written, the band was ready to play live, but needed a drummer. In 2002, they found Alex Bosson (LUNAR, HELION PRIME, PLANESWALKER) to fill that void.

Then in 2003, they self-released their debut EP “Enslaved By Nightmares” featuring 3 epic tracks spanning almost 25 minutes!

In 2004 they added Nate Amundsen (ex-IMPERIUM, ex-MOMENT OF LOSS) as a new second guitarist, completing the band.

With this lineup the band began to play live around California and Arizona. Though this lineup was strong, eventually the members all had other aspects of life get in the way and in 2005, Obsidian unfortunately disbanded.

It never felt “right” when the group parted ways in 2005, there were already plans and material for an entire full-length album that never came to be…. UNTIL NOW!!

In 2021 everyone decided it was long overdue to finally record and release the material that never saw the light of day from almost 2 decades prior. The band has regrouped with the same 5 members that had been in the lineup when the band broke up in 2005 under the fitting name: THE OBSIDIAN RESURRECTION.

They are currently in the process of recording the debut full-length album, 20 years in the making, and is expected to release it to the world in 2022! Shop merchandise and albums and follow all of our other social media platforms to stay up to date on all future announcements here at:

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