Viking – No Child Left Behind (2015)

Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: United-States



01. 9:02 on Flight 182
02. By the Brundlefly
03. Blood Eagle
04. Debt to Me
05. An Ideal Opportunity
06. Eaten by a Bear
07. Wretched Old Mildred
08. A Thousand Reasons I Hate You
09. Helen Behind the Door
10. Burning from Within

Gene Hoglan – Drums (Brendon Small, Dark Angel, Dethklok, Mechanism, Pitch Black Forecast, Zimmers Hole, ex-Daemon) 
Ron Eriksen – Vocals, Guitars (ex-Tracer, ex-Hags)
Mike Gonzalez – Bass (Dark Angel)
Justin Zych – Guitars (Valhalla, ex-Under the Wake, ex-Vindicator, ex-Zephaniah)


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