Arayana – Acts Of Agony (2017)

Country: France
Genre: Symphonic Metalcore


01. Winter Of The Nephilim
02. Act I: Permafrost (The Cryomancer)
03. Chizuru No Namida
04. Act II: A Furiae Named Lorelei (feat. Joel Tock)
05. Chloe Price
06. Act III: Last Crimson Rain
07. Morana’s Embrace
08. The Alchemist
09. Aria Of A Thespian
10. My Ashes: Second Breath

Created in 2010 with the burning desire to write heavy music, Paris quintet Arayana has always
been trying to bring something new to the metalcore scene. The band released their 4-tracks
EP “The Reflection Of Indifference” in 2013 and a softer single called “An Eternal Cold”
in 2014, which both were acclaimed by Alt&Core, F2x Radio, Breathing The Core and the french
newspaper Côté Versailles.

While constantly pushing their limits when it comes to metalcore, the band had the opportunity
to work with great local producers such as Martin Gronnier (The Dali Thundering Concept)
for their releases. After a hell of a hardworking year behind the curtains with many lineup changes,
Arayana finally released another single featuring the american vocalist Justin Haskin
(Before You Fall/Desolist), “Crowned Clown”, produced by Valentin De Filippo (Inner Reflections,
The Sun’s Demise). With “Acts Of Agony”, produced by Charles Voisin (Merge) the band
shows a new face, heavier and more emotional. Whether it’s the angry screams of Permafrost,
the deafening breaks of Last Crimson Rain or the sorrowful scenario of Chloé Price,
“Acts Of Agony” is what Arayana always wanted to create: their own standard.

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