Atomic Vulture: Instrumental stoner rock from Belgium


Three stoned astronauts – Pascal David (guitar),
Jens Van Hollebeke (drums) and Kris Hoornaert (bass) –
explore the outskirts of the outer universe.

As you drive your Mustang on an infinite empty highway;
Can you feel the desert breeze?
Can you taste the dried up sand?
Can you smell the scorching sun?
Can you hear the vulture’s wings?
No breaks
Full throttle until the tank is sucked dry
What’s the missing link?
Some dusty grooves to get you aroused and that… is exactly what Atomic Vulture provides.
They have been pleasing listeners since 2011 and even some bumps on the road didn’t slow down the space probe that is Atomic Vulture.

Three stoned astronauts – Pascal David (guitar),
Jens Van Hollebeke (drums) and Kris Hoornaert (bass) –
explore the outskirts of the outer universe.

Although it’s difficult these days to be seen as truly engaging and original instrumental rock music, Atomic Vulture has made it look easy and, more important, downright enjoyable!
Stoner of a high level from a band that matures with every performance, release and even rehearsal.
In July 2012 they released their first EP, ‘Atomic Vulture’. It was embraced by the stoner audience and the band’s fan base grew rapidly.

The next EP ‘Planet Emerald’ saw light early 2013 & later that year the single ‘Moon Base’ announced a further exploration of space.
They released their debut album ‘Into Orbit’ in 2014 in own management. This 8 tracks containing album was also pressed on vinyl in various colors in corporation with Pink Tank Records from Germany.
In the spring of 2018, they released a new 5-track EP ‘Stone of the Fifth Sun’ with Jackalope Music from Germany. This label worked together with Polderrecords (BE) for the release of their EP on colored vinyl.

Atomic Vulture has shared the stage with:
Monkey 3, Psychonaut, Fatso Jetson,
Greenleaf, Desert Storm, Ritual King, Troy Torino,
Cowboys & Aliens, Radar Men from the Moon, Labirinto,
Spiders, King Hiss, Libido Fuzz, Papir, The Black Explosion,
Komatsu, Sardonis, Rotor, Fire Down Below, Ortega,
Samsara Blues Experiment, Zoë, Maudlin, The Spacelords,
Monolith, The Glücks, Swamp Machine, Black Mirrors, …

They’ve rocked the stage of:
Red Smoke Festival (PL),
Pietra Sonica Festival (IT),
Yellowstock (BE), 4AD (BE),
Rockhouse Bar (AT), Kinky Star (BE),
Helios 37 (DE), Music City (BE),
Unicorn (UK), Magdalena (BE),
Le Ferrailleur (FR), Vortex (DE),
Psyka Festival (DE), Salla Hollander (ES), …

Atomic Vulture has co-operated with organizations such as:
Dutch&European Stoner Rock (NL), Obey The Riff (BE),
Below the Sun (FR), Sound of Liberation (DE), …
Atomic Vulture has been reviewed by:
Rock Tribune, Heavyplanet, Down Tuned, More Fuzz,
Stonerobixxx, Dhu Records, Metal Inside, Desert Rock,
Stoner King, Denpafuzz, Psychedelic Baby Magazine,
Wizard’s Dungeon, …
Atomic Vulture asked Henk Vanhee (Cowboys & Aliens)
to unleash his vocals on “Rain” on the last EP “Stone of
the Fifth Sun”, but yes…

Atomic Vulture will forever be instrumental.

In 2019 they performed acoustic a few times, but yes… Atomic Vulture will forever be electric.
They’ve made their choices concerning their sound; the bass provides a deep, throbbing heartbeat that leads the charge and allows the drums to do more than just keep time, while the guitar sings as an actual vocalist.
Live they take you on an epic road trip where one second you’re swaying with the waves, the next you’re stamping your feet, creating an earthquake along with Atomic Vulture.
Their dynamics tell a story without uttering a single word.

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