Avenford – New Beginning (2017)

Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Country: United Kingdom


01. Dead Or Alive
02. Back In Time
03. Assassin
04. Fury Road
05. Maze Of Visions
06. New Beginning
07. Overlord
08. Dark Angel
09. Mask
10. Return From The Land Of Emeralds


The band was formed by Guitarist Peter Szehoffner and Guitarist/Vocalist Arpie Gamson
in Hungary in the summer of 2012.
Initially they started to create music on their own as they got on well from the beginning,
both having similar backgrounds, musical ideas and influences ( Masterplan, Jorn Lande,
Y.J.Malmsteen and Iron Maiden etc)
A few months later they had enough material written for a full album and with the help of
a lyricist (Zoltan Bako) the songs reached their final form.
Soon after Peter and Arpie moved to the UK, they got together in Arpie’s flat and recorded
the basic tracks for the first album. It was named after their most epic song ‘Mortal Price’.
The tracks were then sent to Denever studios in Hungary for final mixing, it also helped
as the studio owners were also huge Maiden fans..This line up was Arpie, Peter,
Pete Jean (drums) and Zoltan Meszaros (bass)

The music has mainly Hard Rock and Heavy Metal elements with some classical music influences.
All of this combined with keyboard arrangements and melodies makes this music unique and
different to most of the current metal bands.
The album received very positive reviews from the music press, including an amazing review
in Hammerworld Hungary, which included the album as a cover mount cd and sold nearly
10,000 copies across Europe which led to the band playing the prestigious FEZEN festival (Hungary)
in 2014 alongside Skid Row, Europe and Tarja Turunen among others.
After a further line up change Arpie and Peter met up with bassist and drummer Michal, ..
A few gigs in the UK followed and then Michal announced his intention to leave the band,
this left a gap on the drum stool which was filled soon after by UK music scene veteran Rob Leech.
The band have many years playing experience having played in many bands between them.
Gigs across the UK and Europe will see the band taking their music and spreading the word
to wider audiences

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