Black Eyed Children – Until The Void Consumes Us (2018)

Country: USA
Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal


01 – March Toward Oblivion

02 – Summoning
03 – I, Theist
04 – Bringen Sie Ihre Toten
05 – Phobos
06 – Divine Sea Ov Torment
07 – Forbidden Knowledge
08 – Into the Rings Ov Neptune



BLACK EYED CHILDREN’s motto is Born in the fourth dimension within the Void, with it’s progressive spin on black metal. “The album is a twisted, sordid tale” said Sidious. “Its a culmination of the last 7 years. Its not only a collection of that I have written over that time but each one serves a purpose, each has a reason,”Until the Void Consumes Us” is only the beginning.” BLACK EYED CHILDREN rises out of the ashes from a previous incarnation of the project knows as NOWHERE, which released several previous projects, and remastered several tracks for the new album. “This album is one of the heaviest to hit the Dino Network in years” said DSN Radio’s Jason Lee Tipton. “This Album will blow your socks off!” “UNTIL THE VOID CONSUMES US” from BLACK EYED CHILDREN debuts for a global release via DSN, Tuesday January 2nd 2018, and will be available via online and mobile stores such as, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and hundreds more.

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