Trespass – Footprints In The Rock (2018)

Country: UK


01. Momentum 

02. Be Brave 
03. Beowulf And Grendel 
04. Dragons In The Mist 
05. Mighty Love 
06. The Green Man 
07. Music Of The Waves 
08. Prometheus 
09. Weed 
10. Footprints In The Rock 
11. Little Star 



Maybe it was because I’d been waiting over thirty-five years to see TRESPASS and inside I was hyperventilating? I cannot pretend to be objective here, but Trespass were awesome in the true sense of the word. Opening with ‘The Duel’, a song that features pretty much every Trespass trademark, was a smart move, as was playing as a five-piece with three guitars, thus allowing both Mark Sutcliffe and Dave Crawte to play those intricate twin leads while still have a rhythm guitar underpinning them. Seven songs came and went in the blink of an eye, and by the time the last notes of inevitable closer ‘One Of These Days’ had died away the Suffolk band had Brofest 2015 in the palm of their hands.

Jason Roberts (Drums)
Mark Sutcliffe (Lead Guitar, vocals)
Joe Fawcett (Lead Guitar, vocals)
Danny B (Bass)

New Album “Footprints in the Rock” to be
released 12th January 2018


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