BLEEDSKIN (death metal from Belgium)


October 2nd announces the long-awaited release of BLEEDSKIN’s new album.
BLOOD REIGN marks the first release of a complete album by the band.

October 2nd announces the long-awaited release of BLEEDSKIN’s new album.
BLOOD REIGN marks the first release of a complete album by the band.

The songs, recorded by Benoît Polomé at Noise Factory Studio and Soundwave Studio, send out direct signals that the band is very hungry to play live and to share the album.

Julien: “We had the opportunity to hire the Noise factory studio with our sound engineer. It is one of the best studios in Belgium. It was an opportunity not to be missed. I am very honored to have recorded the drum parts there. The day we recorded the last song, I was exhausted. Everything had been recorded and it was very difficult because it requires a lot of concentration. There is one track I recorded in one shoot and which was perfect but we forgot to save it… Holy crap!”

Rémy: “All guitar, bass and vocal parts were recorded at the Soundwave studio. Meanwhile, Anouk finished writing the lyrics. When we weren’t in the studio, we were rehearsing to check that the lyrics matched the musical lines.
It took us 12 days to record the entire album. I am very proud of our work and especially of Benoît’s work. A very special thanks for his work with us in studio and during the lockdown! “
Theses ten tracks laid down for the records and guaranteed to satisfy all lovers of death metal.
The recording session saw the return of Logan Dykens’s powerful voice. Logan is BLEEDSKIN’s former singer. He is always there to give valuable advice and help the group whenever he can!
He recorded all the backing vocals on Blood Reign. His powerful and very deep voice should punch the songs and it gives another dimension to all the tracks. You may recognize his voice on the album! (Schizophrenia, Silence Is Your Only Way, The Dead Sale, Innocent).
A very special mention for him.

Benjamin: ”A broken guitar string after the first 20 minutes in the studio. We were on the first song … Enough to announce the brutality of the compositions!
Recording in the studio was not easy, especially since all of the solos were not yet composed. The one from Chaos Theory was totally improvised and recorded on the first try!”

Anouk review BLOOD REIGN track by track for you:
Perverted Feelings: “Instrumental introduction written by Céline, Benjamin and Benoît. “
Eternal Hatred: “Eternal Hatred against human race and Wish for their extinction -Lyrics written by former singer Logan Dykens.”
Obsession: “This is about a jealous and obsessed person who has a real fixation on another person reaching a point of wanting to transform into her, this song is inspired by personal experience.”
No one will hear you: “It’s a little tribute to cult films: Alien, films that I particularly like.”
Schizophrenia: “Small personal delirium where I speak about a schizophrenic person interned in a psychiatric hospital and who tries to escape from it.”
Point of No Return: “This is a track based on some really bad experiences I’ve had with people who feel above everything, I’m just putting them in their place.”
Perversion of Mankind: “A song that I had difficulty to write because it touches a complicated subject: pedophilia. In order not to be censored, I wrote it as if it were a children’s story where the monster is the pedophile.”
Silence is your only way: “I am talking about a subject that is close to my heart: sexism, violence against women, abortion, rape, etc. But in a rather thrashy way, I embody both the victim and her aggressor.”
The Dead Sale: “It is about selling fetuses. What do customers do with it? It is up to them. – Lyrics written by Logan.”
Innocent: “A song based on a true story. It’s been talking about a women killer in recent years. – Lyrics written by Logan.”
Chaos Theory: “Here, I was inspired by science (astrophysics, theory of evolution, chaos theory), religion, mixed with a deep reflection on the meaning and origin of our existence.”

Céline: “We’ll be playing the full album on stage and a few tracks of our first EP! We can’t wait to share our songs. We are all very proud of BLOOD REIGN! It represents hundreds of hours of failure and hope, months of frustration and moments of joy. It’s a piece of heart, part of the soul and a moment of our life. We hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.”

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