Gloryful – End Of The Night (2016)

Country: Germany
Genre: Heavy / Power Metal


01. Intro: Dawn Of The Raven King
02. This Means War
03. The Glorriors
04. Heart Of Evil
05. Hail To The King
06. For Victory
07. End Of The Night
08. God Against Man
09. On Fire
10. Rise Of The Sacred Star

Line Up:
Hartmut Stoof – Drums (ex-Deadsoil, ex-Symbiontic, Neorize, ex-Absence, ex-Eroded (live), ex-Deviated Presence, ex-Siechtum)
Shredmaster J.B. – Guitars (Night in Gales, ex-Deadsoil, ex-Intestinal Ulcer, ex-God Said War, ex-Bloodred Bacteria)
Johnny la Bomba – Vocals (Nyari, V8 – The Army of Johnnys, ex-I Despise)
Daniel “Danij” Perl – Bass (Neorize)
Adrian Eric Weiss – Guitars (Adrian Weiss, Forces at Work, ex-Thought Sphere, ex-Mind Expansion) 


GLORYFUL – official album trailer “End Of The Night”

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