Pestilence – Hadeon (2018)

Country: Netherlands
Genre: Progressive Death Metal


01. Unholy Transcript
02. Non Physical Existent
03. Multi Dimensional
04. Oversoul
05. Materialization
06. Astral Projection
07. Discarnate Entity
08. Subvisions
09. Manifestations
10. Timeless
11. Ultra Demons
12. Layers of Reality
13. Electro Magnetic



Veteran Dutch extreme metallers PESTILENCE will release their new album, “Hadeon”, in March via Hammerheart Records.

The cover artwork for the disc, which can be seen below, was created by Santiago Jaramillo from Triple Seis Design (LOCK UPDYING FETUSINQUISITION). The concept is based on a multi-layered reality, alien presence and negative frequencies.

Following up the reissues of PESTILENCE‘s classic Roadrunner albums on deluxe two-CD and high-quality LP, the band is preparing for worldwide domination in 2018.

Aside from intensive touring around the globe, the main focus will be on the eighth studio album. “Hadeon” is an all-out death metal attack, featuring thirteen tracks that combine PESTILENCE‘s old-school roots, its progressive trademark and a killer production, which will appeal to both old and new fans.

Joining vocalist/guitarist Patrick Mameli in PESTILENCE‘s current lineup are Slovenian bassist Tilen Hudrap (VICIOUS RUMORSPARADOXTHRAW), lead guitarist Santiago Dobles (AGHORA) and drummer Septimiu Hărşan (DISAVOWED).

In July 2014, Mameli announced that PESTILENCE was “on a permanent hold” while he concentrated fully on his new NEUROMORPH project, which he said would be “more brutal, more crazy, more tech, more futuristic and more death” than his longtime outfit. Two years later, he revived PESTILENCE, initially claiming that the band would only play live shows and not record any new material.


Patrick Mameli – Lead guitar/Vocals 
Santiago Dobles – Lead guitar 
Tilen Hudrap – Bass 
Septimiu Hărşan – Drums

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