Reveal – Timeline (2017)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Power Metal


01. Reveal

02. You Will Rise
03. Wishes
04. Dark Angels
05. Blood and Sand
06. Undercontrol
07. Timeline
08. The Truth in Your Eyes
09. 300
10. Blood and Sand (Bonus Track)



Reveal is a new band put together by Tino Hevia, one of the founders and composers of Darksun and Nörthwind.

Reveal’s debut album also features collaborations with musicians from leading metal acts, including:

  • Marcus Siepen of Blind Guardian (Lead guitar on the track “Blood and Sands”)
  • Marcos Rodriguez of Rage (Lead guitar on “300” and lead vocals on the bonus track version of “Blood and Sands”)
  • Tom Nauman of Primal Fear (Lead guitar on “You Will Rise”)

    Reveal’s recording and touring lineup is completed by well-known Spanish musicians with extensive
    experience in the studio and live arena:

    • David Figuer – Lead guitarist (Darksun)
    • Jorge Ruiz -Bass (Old Enemies,Teksuo)
    • Dani Cabal – Drums (Darksun, Döxa)
    • Helena Pinto – Keyboards (Darksun)

    The album was mixed and mastered at Soundchaser studios by Marcos Rodríguez.

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