Superscream – The Engine Cries (2017)

Country: France
Genre: Progressive Metal


01. Cubozoas’ Gossips
02. Evil Cream
03. The Engine Cries (Superscreamrise)
04. Pandora
05. Velvet Cigarette
06. Your Necklace of Bites
07. Ways Out
08. Where’s My Mom?
09. Metal Builders
10. Insane God



Since its creation in Rouen in 2010, Superscream has affirmed itself as a synthesis of its legendary
inspirations (Dream Theater, Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth, Led Zeppelin, Pain Of Salvation,
Rammstein, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine among others).
In the sprit of this alchemistic pursuit, the group stands out and refuses itself nothing, always
curious to explore the infinite diversity that music offers us.
It is in this way the need for ethnic elements emerged; Jazz, percussion of all kinds…Their
concept alternates in all virtuosity between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, with surprising, even
experimental passages…But attention… A big sound! Unstoppable melodies and asymmetrical
measures are always forthcoming.
Spurred by the success of their first album “Some Strange Heavy Sound,” this progressive
French Metal quintet returns with a concept even more straightforward…introducing their new,
hot off the press creation: The Engine Cries!

Line up
Vocals : Eric Pariche
Guitar and programming : Phil Vermont
Guitar : Daniel Sminiac
Bass : Stéphane Lescarbotte
Drums : Martin Mabire

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