Rough Grind – Four for the Road EP (2017)


Country: Finland
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal


1. Coffin to Go
2. Dead End Street 
3. Face the Music 
4. The Man You Used to Know



The Finnish rock/metal band Rough Grind released their new EP “Four for the Road” via Inverse Records on August 30th 2017.

Rough Grind serve an interesting blend of hard rock and heavy metal with some classic rock influences.
And they deliver the goods with irresistible energy and rebellious rock’n’roll attitude, just like their slogan promises:
“Dark Roasted Rock. Served In Your Face.”

According to the band, the new EP is an excellent tool for getting speeding tickets, worsening your tinnitus,
exercising your neck muscles and treating your chronic annoyance.

So, if you like the idea of four funny guys from Finland playing kick ass rock’n’roll with a strong message,
heavy riffs and wild drive that makes your head bob to the beat, you might have found your new favorite group!
Rough Grind’s “Four for the Road” is available on all digital platforms worldwide.


Sami (vocals, guitar) 
Ville (guitar) 
Ari (bass) 
Killi (drums)

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