Segmentia “Forget Me” Single & Video


SEGMENTIAs latest single “Forget Me“, is the first single from the upcoming EP ALONE. This emotional single, “Forget Me” is about attachment, even clinging to another person, and letting go after a loss – when there is no other option but to give up and continue living in different worlds. 

Forget Me” is a good example of Segmentia’s way of fitting different musical styles into heavy frames, as it hides, among other things, lightly progressive pop elements.

SEGMENTIA is planning a series of shows to promote this single, followed by a second and finally a third single, which will culminate in the release of the ALONE EP.

Pop Metal at its best – SEGMENTIA


Pop Metal band SEGMENTIA is a fireworks display of several music styles based on heavy and pop influenced sounds. The stories of the songs are excerpts from the lives of the individuals and humanity in this world – what things are relevant, what we have experienced, what we should understand about life while we are here and, above all, what we should appreciate and cherish – before we get to look behind the mystic curtain again.

The collective connection of people to each other and to the world around us draws us the steps of our music. Segmentia wants to convey this feeling through its music to its listener, at which point the listener becomes part of this journey and the heavenly flow space caused by music becomes shared!


Vocals: Kansana
Bass: Matti
Guitar: Arttu
Drums: Jere

SODEH records

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