Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation (2017)

Country: Australia
Genre: Deathcore


01. Slaves Beyond Death 
02. The Son Of Misery 
03. Puppet Master 
04. Dear Desolation 
05. Death Dealer 
06. Man Is The Enemy 
07. The Skin Of The Serpent 
08. Fire In The Sky 
09. Into Chaos We Climb 
10. The Final Curtain 
11. No Absolution 


Band Members
Vocals – CJ McMahon
Drums – Lee Stanton
Guitar – Andy Marsh
Guitar – Sean Delander
Bass – Kevin Butler

Combining classic and authentic death metal elements that invoke the renegade, spirit-crushing,
monstrosity of early Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, and Decapitated with the precision rhythmic
assault of Meshuggah and the breakdown-infused bounce of Black Dahlia Murder,
THY ART IS MURDER have redefined a once cast aside and maligned subgenre,
proudly reenergizing and representing the best in extremity.

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