TORMENTOR BESTIAL presents “Reborn From The Ashes”


TORMENTOR BESTIAL [Heavy Thrash / Brazil] returns with a new album “13 Years Old”, as part of their birthday, 
The band re-recorded the best tracks from their discography, along with a new production.

“13 Years Old” will be released on October 29, 2021, on Music-Records.

“Tormentor Bestial affirms their love for American and European Metal, with 13 years of existence”

“Reborn From The Ashes”:

“13 Years Old” – TORMENTOR BESTIAL  
Tracklist :
01. From The Past To The Future
02. The Return
03. Demon Of Perversion
04. Human Trash
05. Easy Woman
06. Bad Blood
07. Mosh
08. Kill Or Die
09. Reborn From The Ashes
10. Besides My Understanding
11. God Save Satan Depraved
12. Highway To Death
13. Tormenator
14. When My Heroes Go Away (Bonusctrack on CD)

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