Polish rock band AFTERLOAD presents video with famous guest guitarist


Polish rock band AFTERLOAD unveiled video to the “Find My Place” song from debut album “Lifeline” (2019), which was released on CD and vinyl. A guest appearance in the video is Adam Drath (BAJM), who also played an amazing solo. The videoclip closes the stage related to the promotion of “Lifeline” – the band’s first full album.

Commentary about the video: “The editing and post-production of the music video is made in the abstract style of double exposure, hence the clip has quite an artistic character. The video in a metaphorical way reflects the content of the song, which tells about each of us looking for our own way in life, about the fact that we make mistakes but at the same time we can make good decisions, about the fact that with each step, whether it is right or wrong, unsuccessful, the consequences follow, and each of us tries to find our place in all of this – whatever it will be for us“.

Concept and editing: Kamil Tynecki
Video recordings were made in TN Studio
Camera: Piotr “Mleko” Miłkowski & Maciej Niećko
Mix & mastering: Tomasz “Zed” Zalewski (ZED Studio)
Music & lyricst: Kamil Tynecki


01. The Anchor Point
02. Find My Place (feat. Adam Drath)
03. Walk the Line (feat. Łukasz ‘Luke’ Drapała)
04. Rise Above
05. What’s Done Is Done (feat. Piotr ‘Voltan’ Sikora)
06. From Twelve to Eleven
07. Let You Go (feat. Piotr ‘Voltan’ Sikora)
08. Beneath Your Feet
09. Open Your Eyes

Afterload in the Internet:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/afterloadpl
Youtube youtube.com/afterloadpl 
WWW http://www.afterload.pl/


Kamil Tynecki – vocal, guitar
Piotr Torbicz – bass
Michał Żardecki – drums

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