Finnish blackened death metal band Gomorran released their debut record Excerpts from the Dark Age


Finnish Helsinki-based blackened death metal band Gomorran released their debut record Excerpts From the Dark Age on December 3rd 2021 via Inverse Records. To celebrate the release, band also released their third music video Esaiah and it’s available here: 

Guitarist Joonatan Wiitasalo & drummer Olli Lappalainen comments: “It is an incredible feeling to behold the final product. When we first started this project in 2019 with Joonatan and thought about all the things we could do, the making and publishing of our own record was barely a dream. We talked about “what would be cool to do”. In the end that alone motivated a lot and it sparked a deep will to create something real. In a way it was evident, that nothing happens by itself and no one is gonna make anything come to fruition for you. Then we formed a band and now after two years of hard work we have a complete record and big hopes and medium sized plans for the future. We have poured countless hours of time and energy into this record, but lo and behold this chapter came to an end. This record is our magnum opus at least so far, a project that let’s us show the work we have done during this quarantine year. This record encapsulates four musicians’ lifelong love of metal music – the song ideas that have finally come into reality.”      

Listen to Excerpts From the Dark Age on:
Apple Music:

Perttu Laamanen – vocals & guitar
Joonatan Wiitasalo – guitar
Panu Nykänen – bass
Olli Lappalainen – drums    

Links: (Merch)

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