Helgrind deliver new single ‘Bitter End’


UK thrash metal stalwarts Helgrind deliver ‘Bitter End’, the second single from their upcoming fifth album ‘Insurrection’.

Musically, ‘Bitter End’ proudly waves the classic thrash banner whilst injecting diverse melodic undertows and heavy breakdowns; concocting the unique Helgrind sound.

Vocalist/bassist Paula Nelson sheds light on the meaning behind the track’s lyrical content:

“Bitter End is an insight [into the mind of] a psychopath who believes they can create a better life for their victims by murdering them and keeping their whereabouts a secret. The relationship with their victim starts innocent but [as] the madness consumes, the perceived innocence of the victim soon disappears and the war to cleanse the world begins.”

“The line ‘I see the darkness, I see the light / I see your fallen halo that you hide at night’ represents the consumption of the killer’s brain by their psychotic urges.”

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