Vancouver’s THIRTEEN GOATS – Servants of the Outer Dark


Thirteen Goats are inspired by classic American death metal acts like Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, and they have their feast of a debut album ready for discerning metalheads the world over. “Servants of the Outer Dark” is a sonic trip that winds down the most twisted sections of extreme metal’s memory lane on a journey to wicked new horizons. The band weaves together conventions from numerous extreme metal subgenres on songs that range from topical to tongue-in-cheek—some are overtly political, while others are about things like cooking and eating your enemies.

Heavy, hooky, theatrical, and over-the-top, Thirteen Goats takes the standard death metal recipe and turns it on its head without sacrificing raw power. They liberally add flavours from a wide range of other metal subgenres including tech death, melodeath, brutal death metal, groove metal, thrash metal, black metal, and even grindcore, resulting in a well-blended and tasty layered sound that is approachable for any metalhead. The album was produced by the band, mixed and mastered by Diego Fernandez-Trujillo, and the album artwork was done by Jeremy Famir. They are is suggested for fans of Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, and Deicide.

“This new song, “Return To Ruin“, is the first single from Thirteen Goats‘ forthcoming debut album Servants of the Outer Dark, a gut-punching and head-hooking offering of death metal that borrows liberally from many of the genre’s subsets, as well as bringing in elements of thrash, black metal, and grindcore… it blazes like a wildfire running ferociously out of control, powered by a panoply of turbocharged riffing, riotous drumwork, and vitriolic vocals that span a range from guttural bellows to screeching shrieks, wild howls, and savage near-sung yells. The guitars twitch in demented thrashing fevers, jolt like jackhammers, swarm in feeding frenzies, and eject brazen fanfares, augmented by solos that spit fire and beautifully swirl. The rhythm section will also beat you senseless, but engage in some interesting off-kilter interplays as well.” – No Clean Singing

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