Persian traditional music -influenced melodic death metal band Amongst the Ashes released new EP


Finnish-based Amongst the Ashes has released new EP named “The Fabricated Monolith”, featuring cinematic and epic atmosphere, an array of different vocals styles, and fast-paced riffs. Persian Setar, a type of lute used in Persian traditional music, highlights the song with its unique sound that’s very rarely heard in extreme metal music.

Listen to “The Fabricated Monolith”:

Amongst the Ashes was established in 2018 as the solo project of Aelian Hallaji who has been a long-time musician/songwriter in Iranian metal scene. The band’s music is mostly based on combination of fast-paced heavy riffs and eerie middle eastern themes as a background for Hallaji’s metaphorically pleading words. The first Single “Blood Red Hands” was released in August 2020, followed by “Agonizing Awakening” EP in September as a one-man band, which got superb feedback and was featured on many radio shows, worldwide. Since early 2021, Aelian has moved to Finland and invited very talented musicians from Tampere, to cooperate. This EP will introduce the band’s new chapter and feature familiar elements from the earlier releases coupled with all the more aggressive touch and world-class production quality.

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